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Tower Wood 2017

Well here we are, just four weeks into the new school year and Year 6 have made an excellent start. Whether that is through their lively and engaged group reading of our class novel, Stormbreaker, or in their enthusiasm and progress in working with times tables and negative numbers, they have shown that they love learning! Last week they also embraced our school motto of ‘Enjoy the Challenge’. They certainly pushed themselves and worked brilliantly as a team to help everyone get the very most from our week at Tower Wood. Take a look at our pictures to see Year 6 in action, tackling ghyll scrambing, sailing, kayaking, climbing, fire lighting, surveying swans and much, much more (although unfortunately there aren’t any photos of their greatest challenge- making their beds!). To hear more about our week from the children, please make sure you attend the Year 6 Tower Wood assembly later in the term.




  1. Hi Mr Webster; it’s me Ryan! I’m following you on my mums new and first ever twitter account. I’m really upset that on the tower wood blog you can’t zoom in on the pictures, they where such good memories. Anyway bye for now Ryan.

  2. i loved tower wood can’t wait for our assembly

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