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London Visit

Year 6 had a fantastic visit to London on Wednesday. We started off with a visit to the British museum and explored the Maya and ancient Egyptian exhibitions, where Jess was very excited to finally see a mummified body! We then walked to the Cambridge Theatre and watched the incredible musical, Matilda. Throughout the performance the children were kept on the edge of their seats by the staging, acting and singing- Mrs Trunchbull was a particular favourite.  Next, we walked to Covent Garden and met a fellow traveller from Chorley, who was kind enough to start his street magic performance early just for us (he even gave Mr Masson his £10 back, eventually). Kiera did Westwood proud as his enthusiastic volunteer too, but I still have no idea where those lemons came from! Before too long, we made our way to McDonalds for tea and then back to Euston Station to catch our train home.


A brilliant day! Thank you to everyone in school who helped to make the visit so memorable and to our Year 6 parents for supporting the visit and making these unique experiences possible.


  1. What a fantastic day out! Matilda was fabulous! So pleased to have had the opportunity to join you on your adventure.

  2. I loved going to London thank you all the teachers who made this adventure memorable. When he ran off with my bag, I thought he actually was going to take it !

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